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The Studio

Body Mind as One

BMaO Studio - October 2021.HEIC

The Studio

Body Mind as One occupies two combined, former office, units on the ground floor of a converted Barn which is part of Charity Farm Estate in Chattisham, Suffolk.  IP8 3QG

Charity Farm is a small estate of units occupied by other trades and skills.

It is in a quiet & peaceful rural setting interrupted by the occasionally noises from the other businesses or from the resident geese and the sounds of nature.

Getting to The Studio

No public transport serves Chattisham or the estate. 

The estate is accessed via a single entrance from The Street, Chattisham.

So please approach with care and caution.

The Barn is accessed by entering the estate, then turn right after a few yards immediately after a small unit on the right (look for the "Body Mind as One →" sign on the fence).

Follow the single track lane for a short distance to the Car Park.

Car Parking

There is a hard standing marked out for car spaces in front of the Barn. 

These spaces are designated for use by the businesses occupying units within the Barn.

There is a rough but level area extending beyond the hard standing that is used for parking but is mainly used by other businesses on Estate.

Please do not park on the orchard area directly opposite the Barn Entrance

Getting to your class

Entry is through the main Barn doors (if they are open), or the smaller access door within the main doors (if they are closed).

The lobby area, the ladies & gents toilets, and the kitchenette are used by all businesses on the estate


  • Gents toilet: a single toilet (with its own door) and wash hand basin
    There is room for one person in the area and the main door to Gents toilet is left unlocked

  • Ladies toilet: there is a single toilet (with its own door) and wash hand basin.
    There is room for one person in the area and main door to Ladies toilet is locked – the key is held in The Studio


Directly opposite the main entrance, are a set of double doors.  
The right door opens to the double width central corridor which provides access to the Studio and other business units on the ground floor.

The Studio entrance door is the 2nd door on the left.

The Studio itself

There are no changing facilities.

Coats and shoes are to be placed on the rack inside the entrance door to the Studio


On the table by the pillar is a Neom Wellbeing Pod (to provide aroma), Hand Sanitiser and Tissues


First Aid, Hand Sanitising, Tissues and Ladies Toilet door key are located next to the coat & shoe rack

The Flooring is laid with cork tiles for warmth, foot comfort and because cork has natural anti-bacterial properties.


4 fully or partially opening double glazed external windows to provide ventilation

3 electrical partial storage heaters to provide heat

1 Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Fan to provide cool air or boost heat as required

Shelves and Racking to store Studio Equipment: mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc.

Capacity in the Studio: 6 class participants and teacher

The Practice Area "Rules for Respect"

Please do not walk on the mats or props that will be used by your fellow class participants

All mobile devices; watches, phones, etc. to be switched to silent (or better still "Off")

Please be on time for the start and expect to stay to the end of the class

What is allowed in the practice area

Bare or socked feet (i.e. no shoes)

Your own props, cushions, etc. please ensure that they are placed tidily and safely near you

Water in spill proof bottles


What to wear in the practice area

The nature of the classes requires lying, kneeling, sitting or standing on the floor or mat.

Advised clothing:

Leggings or slim joggers

Stretchy tops

Comfortable underwear!  

Best to avoid:

overly baggy tops and bottoms

belts, jewellery & fastenings that may 'stick-in' or cause injury

non-stretch or close woven fabrics (don't want them splitting!)

see-through fabrics (to save the blushes!)

Please read Terms of Participation

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