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COVID-19 Statement (February 2022)

Body Mind as One’s studio is within Babergh District Council in Suffolk, England. 


The UK Government declared that their Plan for Living with Covid-19 to commence from 24th February 2022.


Body Mind as One will follow the guidance as outlined in the Government's Guidance document "Guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) measures for grassroots sport participants, providers and facility operators" (updated on 9th February 2022).


There are no restrictions as to how many people can take part in sport and physical activity, or as to the activities they can do.  However, there are some steps you should take to reduce the risk of transmission when you are participating.

Please continue to follow the General Advice by:

  • Practicing good hygiene: regularly washing hands

  • Wearing face covering: in crowded or enclosed situations

  • Avoiding: sharing water bottles, etc.


Should you have any coronavirus symptoms, such as:

  • a high temperature

  • a new, continuous cough

  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Please follow the revised NHS guidance on testing and self-Isolation 


Businesses are no longer required to display the the NHS Covid-19 QR Code poster or carry out other check-in systems
(as informed via email from QR Poster Service, dated 24 February 2022, Subject :An Update from NHS Test and Trace)

Body Mind as One will continue to operate as always with caution and responsibility

and trusts that class participants will do so too.

Janet Drake T/A Body Mind as One will;

Ensure that the Studio: floor, handles, touch-points, mats, etc. are cleaned between classes

NOTE: Janet Drake T/A Body Mind as One cannot be held responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of the shared areas i.e. those that are used by other business & visitors on the estate.  Where possible, and feasible, handles and touch points that may be used by class members may be cleaned during the hours that Body Mind as One is open – a log of such cleaning will be maintained.

Before joining class:

  • Become a Body Mind as One website member which will enable you to book and pay for your space in any class
    See Blog Post: Booking and Paying for your Class for more details 

  • Booking & pre-payment is required no later than 12 hours before the class start time

Body Mind as One’s standard Terms & Condition apply

  • Bring your own clean soft props to class

Cleaned mats, and certain props, will be provided and will indicate your exercise space in the Studio

  • Bring your own filled spill proof water bottle to class


If you feel unwell or have any symptoms that may indicate having contracted C-19

Please follow the NHS Guidelines


Please do let me know immediately by text, phone or email

Joining class:

Out of respect to your fellow class members please allow adequate time to park and join your class, as follows:

The Studio will be open 15 minutes before the class start time

  • It is advised that you have washed your hands and use your own sanitiser before entering the general areas of the Barn.

There are hand washing facilities in the gent’s and the ladies’ toilets.

Hand sanitisers are available in the Studio. 

  • You are not required to wear face covering over mouth and nose, however, if you may chose to do so before entering the Barn and until you arrive at your space in the Studio

Face covering is not required whilst in your class space

Entering the Studio:

Use the right door Push plate to enter the studio


Please store your personal belongings

Move to the right to leave your coats, bags and outdoor shoes on the Coat & Shoe Stand

Set your mobile devices to Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb or switch 'OFF"

Note: Only bare or socked feet; the props you have brought with you and your spill-proof water bottle are permitted in your space


Please sanitise your hands

The hand sanitiser is on the small cupboard by the Coat & Shoe Stand for your use, should you require


Please move to your space

Please walk to the right of the pillar to go to your space

Ensure that any props you have brought with you, remain safely placed within your space


Once at your space, please make yourself comfortable - then we can begin!


During the class: 

If for any reason you wish to move from your space, it is advised that you wear your mask and avoid walking too closely to other class members.


Exiting class

It is advised that the last class member in will be the first to leave thus the first class member in will be the last to leave.

It is advised to put on your face covering when gathering your things before leaving the Studio

February 2022

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