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owner of Body Mind as One


To be a ballet teacher was my childhood dream.

So, I trained at Elmhurst Ballet School for 7 years. 

After leaving Elmhurst I worked in commercial theatre for a few years, the idea was to attend Teachers Training after experiencing life in the theatre - sadly marriage stop my career aspirations.

I continued to attend ballet classes, stopping at 31 (due to work commitments)

returning again to ballet classes in my 60's.


Over the years I have tried many fitness forms; High Impact Aerobics, Step, Jazz-a-cise, etc.


I found Yoga and Pilates in my early 30's, they have always been my go to forms for total wellbeing.

After a number of years looking after my son, working as a Project Manager in the City,

gaining an MBA along the way, I chose to become self-employed.

2001: I set up my own Health and Wellness business.

2009: I closed the business to support my elderly parents in their final years.

October 2010: I opened FunDancing (closed April 2020)

September 2017: I qualified as a Yogalates™ teacher

February 2018: I opened Mind Body Moment - rebranded to Body Mind as One (April 2020)

May & October 2019: Gained Level 1 and Level 2 in iRest® - Yoga Nidra Meditation

August 2020: Qualified as a ChiBall™ Teacher

May 2021: Qualified as a Somatics Exercise Coach

June 2022: Qualified as a Holden QiGong Certified Teacher

My aim is to guide others to accept that just because we age it doesn't have to mean the loss of ease and grace.

With learning and practice life can be discomfort free, healthy and happy.

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