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Forest Bathing Sessions

Forest Bathing is an immersion in and a reconnecting with Nature achieved by moving through the woodland slowly, mindfully and silently.

Every Forest Bathing session is varied.  There are a number of influences that combined create experiences which are as unique and individual as you are, 

for example:

  • Forest Bathing leaders bring their own set of skills, knowledge & experience 

  • constantly changing Nature as seen & felt in the seasons and the weather

  • locations whether in an private woodlands or a public spaces

  • and not forgetting individual reasons & expectations for joining a session

The Woodland

I am privileged to have been granted permission to lead Forest Bathing Sessions in private ancient woodland south-ish of Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK.

Being a private and a managed woodland, full information - including locations, directions, etc. will be provided when your booking has been confirmed.

The Session

Each session is for groups of up to 8 human adults and may include;

  • gentle movement

  • mindfulness

  • slow silent walking

  • stillness

  • pauses for reflection

  • 'Invitations' (suggestions of methods and simple techniques that will enable connection to oneself and to nature)

  • opportunities to share or not (if that is preferred)

  • and more ...

There are 3 sessions per month on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Each session starts promptly at 08:00 (am) and last for 2 hrs approximately

The walk is between 1 and 2 miles approximately

Each session is £30 per person, payable on booking.

A percentage of the booking fee will be donated to The Porch Project based in Hadleigh - the chosen charity of the woodland's owner


“Time flew by. Nature gives us so much and spending a couple of hours in such a beautiful environment you come away feeling so calm & peaceful.”


“Even if you think you already appreciate nature, you will feel even greater appreciation and admiration, after just one Forest Bathing session.  Go immerse yourself and reap the benefits.”


“It was a privilege to be guided through such peaceful, unspoilt woodland. The peace and calm has stayed with me.”

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