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  • Does Forest Bathing involve swimming?
    No it doesn't - well not the sessions I lead anyway
  • How long does a session last and how far do we walk?
    All sessions are different and depends on weather conditions, the environment, the theme, and dynamics of the participants, etc. Approximately each session will last 2 hours and the route is no further than 2 miles.
  • Can I bring my dog or my children?
    Sorry no. The Forest Bathing sessions I lead are for human adults only.
  • Can I use my walking poles or walking aids?
    Preferably not. The woodland is ancient, the terrain is varied even though it is reasonably level i.e. no hills, and we will be walking mindfully and in 'Forest Time' i.e. at very slow pace. The routes within the woodland are not suitable for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Please do contact me to discuss in further detail your personal situation before booking your place on a Forest Bathing session.
  • How many are in a group?
    A maximum of 8 participants Minimum of 2 participants.
  • Where will the sessions take place?
    The woodlands are located south-ish of Hadleigh, Suffolk. UK. Full information, including location, directions and map, etc. will be provided on completion of your booking .
  • What are the woodlands like?
    The Woodland is a natural and ancient environment that is carefully and empatheticly managed. I have the landowner's permission to lead planned Forest Bathing sessions within the woodland but only, with notice and agreement with the woodland manager. There is an area allocated in which to park. There are no toilets, washing facilities or signage. The woodland is beautifully natural and while being relatively level i.e. no hills, the routes & trails are varied; wide, narrow, rutted, uneven, grassy, old concrete, wet & muddy, etc. This is because the routes have been created over many years by variety of wildlife, whose home it is, and by man going about his work caring for the woodland. The woodland enables a true immersion and reconnection with Nature.
  • Is there car parking?
    Within the woodland there is an area allocated in which to park. Full details will be provided on completion of booking. Please note that neither the land owner nor myself, who has permission to access the land to lead forest bathing sessions, will be held responsible for any damage to any person, personal property or vehicles.
  • Do I need to prepare?
    It is advisable, yes. Forest Bathing Preparation page for some information and suggestions
  • How do I book my place on a Forest Bathing session?
  • What if I need to cancel or change my session?
    There are no refunds for cancellations Arriving late for the sessions will be considered a 'No Show' and there will be no refund. Your session can be moved providing you give sufficient notice. However, should I need to cancel a session, for whatever circumstances, then you will be notified in plenty of time and will be offered a choice of alternative sessions.
  • What if there are not enough participants booked?
    I will cancel the session and provide you with alternatives.
  • What if I am too late to book onto a session?
    Do contact me and I will add your name to the session should there be space. If there is no space I will be able to notify you should a place becomes available.
  • Why do you charge for Forest Bathing?
    😂 sadly a question I am asked frequently about my classes too! Being self-employed it is all down to me to be able to provide the services that I do as well as live. In other words I have daily life to 'pay' for as well as the overheads that come with providing the services that I do, i.e. insurances, licenses, ongoing training, equipment, marketing, advertising, website, etc. I don't employ anyone to assist me, so when I am not leading in the woodland or teaching in the studio I am dealing with planning, organising and general administration. Oh and It would be nice to be remunerated for my experience, knowledge, skills and time. 😍
  • What if I am running late for the session start?
    Sadly it would be better for you to return home - please text me to let me know should this be the case. Why is this? The permit / permission I have is to lead a "group" of 8 (maximum) within the 200 acre woodland. Arriving late would make it a challenge to find the rest of the group within the woodland. Missing the introductory welcome and the 1st invitation to connect would affect the experience of the late comer and disrupt fellow Forest Bathers in the group. There are other reasons that could be listed but suffice to say that is why the sessions start promptly at 08:00 (am)
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