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Forest Bathing

Body Mind as One is delighted to add Forest Bathing

to the practices that improve our health and wellbeing

Introductory Sessions are available during May & June

Regular Sessions will start in July 2024

What is Forest Bathing

Shinrin Yoku (translated as Forest Bathing or Shower) is a term created by Tomohide Akiyama, Director General of the Agency of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in the 1980s.  This scientifically proven practice enables us to connect with Nature and ultimately to reconnect with ourselves; the benefit of which is improvement to our own health and wellbeing and to that of our planet.

Yet connecting and living in harmony with Nature is not a new practice.  Our ancient ancestors watched, witnessed, took cues and guidance from Nature as they moved through their lives.  Sadly, with the evolution of the human race, that connection has unravelled; as Nature becomes viewed as a separate entity and a resource.  As time moves forward so the divide widens becoming more damaging to ourselves, our planet and all that lives on it.


A sad state of affairs, indeed!  But change is happening as we realise and understand how important it is to repair the divide, this change is linked to a resurgence in ancient practices that encourage and demonstrate the benefits of reconnecting to Nature.


A typical Forest Bathing session

will be designed around a theme and consist of:

Slow mindful silent walking with pauses for ....

  • ‘Invitations’ which are gentle verbal or natural cues to focus in on specific aspects

  • Time & space to reflect or be curious

  • Gentle movement

Each Session lasts for approx. 2 hrs and the distance covered may be around 1 or 2 miles

Every Forest Bathing session will be a different experience, just like every moment is a different moment

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