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Forest Bathing Preparation

Below you will find some information & suggestions that may help you prepare

for your Forest Bathing session.

Location, directions, maps, etc. will be provided when your booking has been confirmed.

“Space and time are the framework within which the mind

is constrained to construct its experience of reality."

Immanuel Kant

Weather and Environmental Conditions

Weather and woodland conditions contribute to the experience of Forest Bathing, however, in extreme circumstances, and where they are deemed to be unsafe, the session will be postponed or cancelled.

You will be invited to attend an alternative session.

Terms of Participation apply

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility. We can let fear rule our lives or we can become childlike with curiosity, pushing our boundaries, leaping out of our comfort zones, and accepting what life puts before us.”
Alan Watts

Prepare yourself

Give yourself permission to slow down

  • Try to get a restful sleep the night before and avoid any overly stimulating food, drink, or activities.

  • Be prepared to be unplugged i.e. no devices that will distract you from your own experience, such as mobile phones, watches, cameras, digital screens etc.

Give yourself time to arrive at the location.

  • is quite a good resource to check for road works and diversions.

  • please consider your fellow Forest Bathing participants by arriving in good time for the session’s start.

  • Arrive with an attitude of open mindedness and/or childlike curiosity.

Points to be aware of

The Land Owner asks that Forest Bathing participants are aware that:

  • they are permitted on the Land for the allotted pre-organised Forest Bathing session only and not at any other time

  • access to the Land, and walking through, is via forestry tracks and natural pathways

  • there is no signage to or within the woodland - location, directions and maps will be provided

  • the Land Owner and the Permit holder accept no responsibility for damage to personal property or vehicles and request that when accessing the land to:

    • drive slowly, carefully and respectfully along the designated routes only

    • park carefully and respectfully in the allocated parking area only

  • there are no toilets or washing facilities available on the Land

What to bring suggestions

  • Wear weather & nature appropriate shoes and clothing.

    • e.g. boots, waterproofs, layers, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

  • Bags that can be carried crossbody or on your back to allow freedom of movement.

  • Small notebook & writing implement.

  • You may want to bring something to use for sitting on the ground.

    • e.g. sit mat, jacket, plastic bag .

  • Water, and if needed a snack that is light & nutritious.

  • Any prescribed medication that you may require during the session.

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunscreen – non-scented*

*deodorants, antiperspirants, skin / hair products please ensure that they are unscented

During a Forest Bathing session

  • Each Forest Bathing leader brings their own personality and skillset.  Being an ex-professional dancer, who now teaches QiGong, Somatics and Yoga, you may be invited* to take part in some gentle physical movement that will appropriate to the moment and the environment.

  • *as with all invitations the choice is yours to join in or opt out.

  • We will

  • Walk at a pace that is slow and mainly in silence

  • Take pauses

  • for ‘Invitations’ - which are verbal cues to focus on a particular sense or aspect

  • to gently share your experience

  • to reflect, journal or just be curious

After Forest Bathing

  • Everyone is different and unique so no two experiences will be the same.

  • Please resist the urge to immediately go for your mobile phones, check your devices or rush off to appointments. Be patient with yourself, give yourself space and time to return to daily life.

  • Please drive home carefully.

  • When at home allow yourself to feel the beneficial effects of Forest Bathing within your body, mind & spirit – they could remain with you for some time!

  • If there are any post session effects they may feel like a form of de-toxification, feeling ‘spacey’, or emotional.  Be accepting of whatever occurs, keep hydrated, breath slow, deep and easy, eat light nourishing foods and rest.

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