The Booking and Payment Process

Updated: May 31, 2020

Booking and payment applications are configured & work differently to the eCommerce applications that are used by online retailers, so it is understandable that things can become confusing.

Unfortunately, the booking process for the website has limitations and 'oddities', which have made it a little challenging to adapt for how Body Mind as One works.

Below are the most straight forward steps to Book and Pre-pay for your Body Mind as One class(es).

You do not need to be a Member to book and pay for classes but by becoming a member opens up more features (some are still in the planning stage!)

See Terms and Conditions for a definition of Visitor, Member, Subscriber and Client

As it is a Booking and Payment system there is no shopping cart option i.e. it isn't possible to select more than one class per transaction, but you can book 1 or 2 places per class per transaction.

Step 1: Find the class you want to join.

Hover over "Classes" on the menu (top right of the page) to find & select "Book Online"

Against each class listed there is a "Read More" link and a "Book Now" button.

The "Read More" link will give you more information about that class

There are two "Book Now" buttons on the "Read More" page, either will take you to Step 2.

There is also a Back arrow (top left) that will take you back to the page before.

Step 2: Select a "Book Now" button for the class you want to join.

You are now entering the Checkout process.

Each page has a Back arrow (top left) should you require it.

Step 3: Select the Class date and time from the calendar

Notice the box to the right of the Calendar; it shows the class, duration and fee.

Once the calendar date and time is selected the box will change to show this information too.

Within the box, there is a "Next" button.

Below the box is a dropdown arrow showing where the cancellation policy can be found (within the Terms of Participation)

Note: You can book up to 30 days but no later that 12 hours before the class starts. If you are late to book and there are still spaces, contact me directly.

Step 4: Select the "Next" button and complete the Booking Form.

Your Name, eMail and Phone Number are required, as is agreeing to the Terms of Participation

Body Mind as One will allow up to 1 or 2 people per booking.

If you have any questions or feel you need to let me know anything in advance of the class then you can do so in "Add Your Message"

Coupon Codes are not supplied ... yet!

Step 5: Select the "Pay Now" button

There are two options to pay:

  • Credit/Debit Card (which is defaulted by the system): Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted. (Body Mind as One use Stripe to process the card payments), and

  • Offline Payment: Selecting this option will drop down the instructions for paying via Bank Transfer

Step 6: Select the "Pay Now" button

You will be presented with a 'Great, You're Booked!" page

In your eMail inbox you will find confirmation email(s).

  • Paid via Credit/Debit Card: A payment confirmation (from Stripe) and a Class Booking confirmation which is also your receipt (note that the balance to pay will show as £0.00)

  • Paid via Offline Payment: The Class Booking confirmation will show the fee as the Balance to pay. Once you have made the bank transfer, and let me know, then I will change the status to paid. The Class Reminder email, which is also your receipt, will show the balance as £0.00. If you have not made a note of the Bank Transfer details, then contact me directly. Note: if payment is not made 12 hours before the class starts then your booking will be cancelled.

From this page you can also select the link to add the class to your calendar and "Check our more services" should you want to continue to book more classes!

At the bottom of the Confirmation emails there is a link to download the Wix app. The link connects directly to Body Mind as One - app version. The app enables you to make bookings, etc.

Plans & Pricing

I have attempted to create a work-around to save booking and pre-paying per class, especially for the site members who like to block book.

So I have set up two Plans (in the current COVID-19 situation) to be valid for a certain length of time and for a certain number of classes.

At the time of writing this Blog, the plans will last for 6 weeks allowing 6 classes to be booked within that 6 week period (these plans will be updated according to the COVID-19 situation).

The Plans work like a Standing Order using your Credit or Debit card, so basically it saves typing in card details each time a class is booked.

However, there are some restrictions set by the system, meaning that:

  • Plans are only available to Members (2 people on one membership is not available)

  • The Plans are 1 person per plan; therefore not an option for those who book for 2 people.

  • Each Plan needs to be linked to the classes to be able to book the class and effectively pre-pay at the same time. But, if they are linked then the option for others to book a class for 2 people is no longer available - hence them not being linked.

However, all is not lost for those who want to use the Plans.

The Steps are:

Step 1: Become a Member - Signup top right of the page

Step 2: Select the Plan that would work for you

Step 3: Enter your card details - select "Buy Now"

Step 4: Receive in your inbox Confirmation eMails Payment receipts from Stripe and purchase confirmation from Body Mind as One

Step 5: Go to Book Online Follow from The Booking and Payment Process Step 2 above but at Step 5 Select Offline Payment, finish with Step 6. Note: You will need to do this for each class you want to attend

Your Booking confirmation email will show as Balance owing, but once the weekly payment has been taken for the relevant class, then the booking will be marked as Paid (by me in the admin panel) and the class reminder will show the Balance owing as £0.00 (timings permitting of course!)

Of course if you want to set up a Standing Order from your Bank Account, then please do get in contact.

If in doubt or confused or there are errors in the Blog please contact me

Oh the joys of website building and technology!

With love and gratitude

Janet 🙏

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