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QiGong Classes

held in the Body Mind as One Studio, on:

  • Mon - 6pm

  • Tue - 11:30am & 7:30pm

  • Thu - 9:30am & 6pm

  • Fri - 11:30am

Interested? Then come and join us

What is QiGong?

There are many different explanations of what QiGong is and in addition there are thousands of different styles ….. which is inevitable as the practice is 1,000s of years old!

As the practice is so old I can only share a little information about it here, starting with my personal experience:

"QiGong is a beautiful self-care mind-body practice. Both during and after the practice I find myself feeling balanced, relaxed, peaceful and content and my body feels wonderfully free and easy."
"I started regularly practicing QiGong in 2020 and have noticed improved awareness of that which triggers my reactions to situations which cause me stress and tension as well as boosting my confidence making the right decisions concerning my body, my health and ultimately my life."

Did you know that ...

QiGong alongside Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Massage form the 5 branches of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The word QiGong is made up of two ‘words’ Qi (pronounced chee) which is the enlivening force that flows within and around all things i.e. Life-Force, and Gong (pronounced kung) is translated as Skill, Work or Cultivation.

Therefore simply stated QiGong is 'Life Force Skill'

The practice of QiGong follows the simple view that ‘Energy Flows where the Attention Goes’.

This means that where the Qi is sufficient and strong it will flow freely but where there are deficiencies and blockages then the result is dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-harmony.

So what are the benefits?

The benefits are numerous and are unique and pertinent to the individual QiGong practioner, but simply stated practicing QiGong gives us the skill to keep Qi sufficient and strong and by learning to develop the skill of working with Qi gives us the potential to:

  • tap into our own ability to self-heal

  • live being able to positively manage stress and tension

  • gain more energy to live balanced and enjoyable lives

    • and much more

What can I expect in a class?

Apart from some fun ... QiGong classes follow the principles of:

  1. Activations: warm-ups to ‘wake-up the Qi!’

  2. Releasing of physical tension: ‘stretching’ - personally I prefer the lengthening or opening the lines of tension .. doesn’t that seem kinder and gentler?

  3. Breath practices: to develop skills to quieten the nervous system and therefore support all the other hard-working systems in the body

  4. Flowing movements: moving meditation that circulates and strengthens the Qi - this is where the ‘magic’ happens

"The first 3 principles are us moving Qi the 4th principle is Qi moving us!"

Expect the class to be mostly standing but can be seated if required and some classes may contain floor work.

The QiGong style taught is based on Holden QiGong, but you may find intertwined techniques of Yogalates, Somatics and other practices that I teach.

QiGong allows for the practice to be adapted to suit the capabilities and uniqueness of the individual, and therefore the practice is suitable for anyone.

What do I need to consider when attending a class?

Class participants are advised to wear clothing that:

  • enables freedom of movement - layers are advised as the body may warm and cool during the class

  • preserves dignity throughout the full range of movement

  • allows for body alignment to be visible for guidance purposes

  • do not require belts or zips or buttons, etc. which may cause restriction, discomfort or pain during movement

Footwear: bare feet or wear non-slip socks

Please bring water in a spill proof bottle

For further information concerning attending a class please take a few moments to view

Interested? Then come and join us

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