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Online live classes - how to prepare

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

So you've decided to join Body Mind as One classes online.

Fabulous, thank you :-)

So what next?

Book & pay for a place in the online class you want to join

What do I need to do to set up to take part?

Firstly decide which device you will be using and then where it should be placed?

So where are you going to join the class?

..... will it be the front room, the kitchen, the bedroom, garden ....

Make sure you have sufficient space to be able to lie down in with legs long and arms out to the side, or stand (with arms above your head) and space to move around.

If indoors then be mindful that furniture, ornaments, shelves, etc. are not in harms way as you start to move around.

Where do I place my computer or mobile device?

.........where you can see it and where the inbuilt camera/video or webcam can 'see' you.

You may find that the camera / video / webcam angle is ok for lying down but when standing up you may lose your head or feet!

Why do I need my camera on during class?

Well, as your class instructor, it would be nice to see what you are doing!

Of course you can be anonymous if you wish and only turn it on to say hello and goodbye!

How will I be able to join classes?

If you haven't already please go to ZOOM

  1. Create a free account

  2. Download the relevant software or application for the device you will be using

  3. Then grab a cuppa and take some time to visit ZOOM's User Guides and Video help for setting up and learning how to use the application.

Please note that the controls are in different positions between devices, so get to know how to use your device as I (as the host) will only be able to tell you what I see on my own screens.

What is ZOOM?

ZOOM is an online video conferencing platform (and there are many of them out there) but it seems that ZOOM is the better platform (at the time of writing) for being able to host live movement classes as well as static meetings.

And so this is why ZOOM is the platform of choice by Body Mind as One to provide live Movement & Mindfulness classes and FunDancing. ZOOM have comprehensive User Guides, training videos, etc. and if you do have any issues that are not covered by the guides contact ZOOM support directly.

What Equipment do I need?

Ideas can be found on the Blog "Home Practice Kit"

Water in a spill proof bottle

What do I wear?

On the body:

  • items that will not restrict movement or dig i.e. no belts, buckles etc.

  • layers so that you can add (for warmth) or remove (to cool) as you need

On the feet:

  • Barefoot is best

Now you are all set to join the class.

You will receive joining instructions via email or text once you have booked and paid for your place.

See you there

J xx

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