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Home Practice Kit

There are loads and loads of suggestions of home exercise practice kit!

To save you hunting for ideas which maybe become a little confused, overwhelming or indeed may be enticing to buy, find below some items that we may use in a Movement and Mindfulness classes.

For those of you who have kit already, you may need some extra 'props' to ensure safety and comfort.

  • Yoga "Mat": a good none slip space on the floor that is free of furniture, shelving, ornaments or anything that may harm or restrict you. Why? Your practice space

  • Yoga "Blocks": a thick book (2) or a small pile (2) of books tied together. Why? To place between knees, sit on, place hands on

  • Yoga "Bolster": a blanket, large towel(s) or large cushion rolled tightly, placed inside a pillow slip which is then tied at each end to maintain the roll. Why? Firm enough to sit on but soft enough to lie on

  • Resistant bands: a long belt, a dressing gown belt, rope (anything that is between 3 and 6 ft long and is comfortably held in the hands) Why? For strengthening.

  • Small cushion(s) or hand towels. Why? to place under head, wrists, knees, ankles, any joint that may need support

  • Blanket(s) or large towels(s) Why? to lie on or under, folded to form cushioning or padding

  • Scarf or eye pillow Why? place gently over the eyes or as a small padding

  • Straight backed chair Why? if sitting on the floor is not accessible for you, also useful for some of the practices

  • Gloves and socks, maybe something to cover your head Why? During mindful practices the body temperature can drop

The above may seem like a huge list but not everything is essential and depends on your body and your comfort needs, which can alter from day to day.

When you join a Movement and Mindfulness class, if there are any particular items that you may need you will be informed.

So I suppose the next question is what should I wear?

The essence of any movement class is that you are able to move easily.

  • avoid clothing that is too tight .... too loose

  • too warm ... too cool (layers are great to manage this)

  • avoid zips, buckles buttons, labels etc. that may cause discomfort during the practice

Also be mindful that whilst whatever you wear may be good to look at or comfortable to wear it may not be practical when you are actually moving in class.

So a little tip: once in the outfit, bend over in front of a mirror "see" what may show which you may prefer not to show (back and front). Of course, if you are comfortable showing then be respectful of others in the class, including your teacher (me) who may not want to "see" what you are comfortable showing, please. 😟

Happy Home Practice!

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